Family and Sports

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, I was invited to a huddle with UAAP Basketball team under More than Winning Sports Consultancy. The topic assigned to me to speak about was “Family.”

People don’t usually talk about Family and Sports in the same line. Here are my thoughts on how relevant Family is to sports (and basically what I shared to teh team):

Family is an unfamiliar topic when it comes to sports. We usually talk about determination, hard work, perseverance, strength, and the likes that will help athletes to be motivated to get closer towards the gold. But we need to realize that Family is a foundational social institution, which makes it significant to social activities such as Sports. For us who have been on a team or in a special group, we know that we eventually develop an intimate kind of relationship with our teammates and colleagues which makes us treat them as our ‘family.’

Here are some values from our Family that I think we apply to our Sport whether we intend to or not.

1.) We all give importance to our Family name and we do everything to uphold our Family’s Honor. We all want our Families to be known for something, and we do our best to boost the family pride. In a Sports team setting, we uphold our team name and we are proud that we are in that team.

2.) Respect – We learn from our homes that we ought to respect our parents, and those who are older. They went before us, and they know quite well the circumstances we may be facing or we will face. In the same way, we ought to respect our coaches, captain ball, senior teammates. Respect doesn’t just apply for those who are older than us. We respect our siblings, even those who are younger. We respect their boundaries, and we don’t just use their stuff without asking permission.

3.) Unity – or camaraderie. This is mutual trust is developed among people who spend a lot of time together. Obviously, we learn this as we grow and mature with our family. In our teams, even if we only spend a shorter time with our teammates, we develop this as we face different challenges and reach achievements. We know that in a team sport, we need to be united to be able to reach our goal.

There are many more values that we learn from our families which needs to be applied to sport. Let us remember how our Family is very important to us – if formed our values and identity, and shaped us to who we are.
Also, we need to keep in mind how our Sport is only a simulation of challenges and achievements. Our championships won’t last long. Medals and trophies fade. Training for our sport makes us strong, but be stronger for the most important things in life. Love your sport, but love your Family more.

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