It’s Fit Friday!

Since it’s been raining the whole week, I’m sharing a circuit training that I did which requires minimal equipment yet it’s sure to burn off those cuddled-calories!

Work-out focus: Upper body and Core Strength Repeat the circuit for 3 to 5 sets.
Warm-up with arm circles, hip rotations, leg circles (2-5 minutes)
10 repetitions Declined Push-up Plus (your feet are elevated on a chair; add shoulder protraction, ie, push your rib cage towards the ceiling, upon extending your elbows)
20 repetitions Bent-knee rows using a couple of big and bulky books (works your grip strength as well!)
20 repetitions High knees
12 repetitions Bicep Curls (using your books or dumbbell)
12 repetitions Lateral Deltoid raise
20 repetitions Abdominal obliques or bicycles

Happy Fit Friday!

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