Being Christlike Everyday.

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here’s a compilation of my notes from Oswald Chamber’s “My Utmost for His highest” on Christlikeness:


“By the meekness and gentleness of Christ, I appeal to you…demolish arguments and pretensions that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
– 2 Corinthians 10

1.) Determinedly Demolish Some Things.

    There are things over which we are not to fight but only to “stand still” and wait for the Lord to fight for us (Exodus 14:13), but every argument, theory, and thought against the knowledge of God ought to be determinedly demolished by God’s power. Take action against thoughts that aren’t of Christ. Submit your body and be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:1,2).

2.) Determinedly Discipline Other Things.

    Don’t be carried away by impulse! Remember Jesus’ example: “The Son can do nothing by Himself- He does only what He sees His Father doing.” (John 5:19)
    Discipline your mind and let it be filled only with what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8). Discipline your body to obey. True determination and zeal are found in obeying God, not in our inclination to serve Him.
    A person is not only committed to Jesus Christ for salvation, but is also committed, responsible, and accountable to Jesus Christ’s view of God, the world, sin, and the devil. Each Christian must be able to test and approve what God’s will is (Romans 12:2).

3.) Worship in Everyday Occasions.

    God’s training ground, where the missionary weapons are found, is the hidden, personal worshiping life of the saint. “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1). His peace abides in us as we recognize through our everyday worship that He is at work in our lives and in the world. We honour Him in our daily activities even when we’re just eating and drinking (1 Corinthians 10:31).

4.) Ministering in Everyday Opportunities.

    We do not select our surroundings, but we become God’s very special choice to be available for use in any of the seemingly random surroundings which He has engineered for us (John 13:14).
    We can’t say, I’ll just wait until I get closer to the next big crisis in my life.” If we do not steadily minister in everyday opportunities, we will do nothing when the crisis comes.

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