Plyometrics, or ‘jump training’ is a technique that aims to increase muscular strength and power. The focus of the exercises is powerful movements. It was originally designed for Olympic athletes but recently, it has become a popular workout routine for recreational athletes and even fitness enthusiasts of all ages.


Plyometricstraining is composed of dynamic resistance exercises with a stretch a muscle (eccentric phase) and then rapidly shortening it (concentric phase). Hopping and jumping exercises, for example, subject the quadriceps to a stretch-shortening cycle that can strengthen these muscles, increase vertical jump, and reduce the force of impact on the joints.


Plyometric training often is used to condition professional and amateur adult athletes because the movements mimic those used in sports such as skiing, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, and boxing.

Watch the video below to understand more about Plyometricsand use it to your advantage!



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