HIIT the snow!

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Interval Training, Uncategorized

IMG_20140306_090714A week after I arrived in Canada last December, a snow storm came. I thought to myself that it’s just natures playful way of welcoming a migrant who came from a tropical and fuzzy warm country. They told me that it was unusual. And a week after that, an ice storm came that caused widespread blackouts. It signified the start of the Polar Vortex – a phenomenon which sounded like something that originated from Star Wars. They told me that it’s gonna be nicer when Spring comes in March. They told me that I’m gonna like it more after a couple of months.

But now 5 days have gone off from March and it’s snowing again like it’s just the start of winter!
IMG_20131224_143121Back in the Philippines, I’m used to walking at least a total of 2km everyday when I go to work (Note: it’s a personal choice. The Philippines have a very unique transportation system having “sidecars” and tricycles and jeepneys where you can ride and alight anywhere you want. I prefer using my legs to brisk walk whenever I can, than enjoy these luxurious ways of transport). As a fitness professional, I’m used to moving and sweating a lot. But with the freezing wind chill outside and the icy roads, it’s not just tempting to stay at home but it seems like the more rational choice. It makes me think that three months is not enough to acclimatize if the weather is this bad.

I’ve read blog posts and fb posts of people still running in the snow. I’ve seen videos of runners slipping and sliding, and seen pictures of beardcicles from men (bearded, of course) who make it to more than 10 kilometers of running. I don’t have a beard for the frosty mouth accessories but I actually tried running in the snow just a couple of weeks ago. That was when the weather climbed up a few digits above freezing for more than 3 days. I think it was the longest ‘positive’ temperature since I arrived. Shamefully, I was able to run less than 3km for around 20mins. It’s not bad for a first time, based on tropical standards.

In any case, if you’ve been kept from training because of the bad weather or for any other desperate reason, or you’re looking for a workout at home, here’s another HIIT routine that I try to do to keep up with lost training. Remember to warm up properly for 10 minutes before doing it.

40 seconds ON – Split squats/alternating jump lunges
20 seconds OFF – heel lifts on isometric squat position.
40 seconds ON – 4 count burpee (w push up)
20 seconds OFF – Tricep dips
40 seconds ON – Tuck jumps
20 seconds OFF – Plank walk outs
40 seconds ON – 1-clap push ups (or just plyo push ups(
20 seconds OFF – Supine leg raises

You are supposed to do as many as you can but remember that quality always goes before quantity.
Try to do 3 to 5 sets. If the routine is too difficult, or if you feel fatigued after a couple of see, rest for at least 2 minutes before your next set.
Reward yourself with bacon after your workout.


Enjoy your HIIT!


  1. Jay says:

    this is very good information. I dont work out much but when i do I always do a work out similiar to thie ones you posted here. thanks for the information.


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