Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in Fitness.

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Sports and Fitness, Strengthening and Conditioning
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I am halfway through Canfitpro’s Foundation of Personal Training and I will be starting with the Study Guide soon. I only have a week left before my certification, but for now I will be taking a short break from nerd-mode.
The book is very easy to understand although specific details like the processes and enzymes in the Krebs cycle aren’t included.
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There’s a section in the first chapter about Common Questions Asked from a Personal Trainer and I’d like to share my answers (and some from the book) to some of those questions:

1.) I want to burn fat and lose weight around the abdominal. Should I do exercises that focus only on my belly and around the abdominal region?

weightlossIt’s common to think that if you want to burn fat around a specific area in your body, then you should do exercises that are specific to that area as well. I don’t know where this thinking came from, but what I know is that again and again, science proves that there is no truth in ‘spot reduction.’ If you want to lose body fat around anywhere in your body, the best thing to do is to do exercises that target big muscle groups to boost your calorie-burning-efficiency. Other exercises such as High-Intensity Interval Exercises or Circuit Training do well in losing body fat while toning your muscles. Doing 100 crunches, planks, or other specific abdominal exercises will only work on the muscular endurance of the abdominal area.

2.) Will my muscles get bulky when I lift weights or do resistance training?

Women usually ask this question fearing that going to the gym will make them look muscular. For men, it’s the first thing to do when they want to bulk up. Men can naturally increase the circumference of their biceps through resistance training because they have 10 to 30 times more testosterone than women. Women are more concerned about this question because they (or most of them) won’t go to the gym to bulk up. There’s no need to fear for women since they don’t have the hormones for this effect. One good reason for women to do resistance training is that it will increase their Basal Metabolic Rate and increase their body’s capacity of burning calories, if their goal in going to the gym is to lose body fat.

sports_468x603.) How do I get my muscles ripped or have definition?

The media bombards us with impressions that someone with a six-pack can be the most desirable person in the room. However, genetics play a big role with regards to this goal of getting ripped. Anyone can work for those cuts by reducing body fat percentage, eating healthy, and having a balanced strength training program. Exercises that are designed like Circuit Training are also proven to burn fat more than traditional strength training regimen. But there really are genetically-blessed people who can easily get muscle definition because their bodies are programmed to be lean and toned. It is important to be realistic and reasonable with your goals when you start to exercise or train in the gym. Don’t be frustrated, anxious, or depressed when after training for a few months, you still haven’t reached that figure in your mind. It is possible for you, but you may have to push yourself to the limits and dedicate more time to reach that goal.


I’ll answer three more questions from the book on my next post:

  • Should I get into shape before I start to lift weights?
  • If I want to lose weight, should my main focus be cardiorespiratory activities?
  • Should a woman’s exercise program differ from a man’s?


Do you have any other questions about fitness that you need answers with?
Ask me in the comments!

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