How to Stretch.

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Recovery, Sports and Fitness
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Most of us may find it relaxing yet some think it’s the boring part of their workout, but we all know that Stretching is a very important component of our training and exercise routine.

What are the benefits of Stretching or Flexibility Training?

  • Stretching or Flexibility training reduces the stress and tension in the exercising muscles.
  • Stretching can help improve posture by balancing the tensions placed on joints.
  • There are studies that prove that improved flexibility reduces the risk of injury during exercise and daily activities because the muscles are more pliable.
  • Stretching improves performance not just in sports and exercise, but most importantly in everyday activities.


Do you know that it also matters what kind of stretching you do and when?

To get the most out of your stretching routine, do Dynamic Stretching before your workout, that is, moving your limbs and joints to its full range of motion (like doing arm/hip circles, etc, or sometimes mimicking the movement of your activity or sport for a few repetitions before doing the actual movement of your activity. Dynamic Stretching will properly warm up the muscles and joints that you will be using.

Do Static Stretching after your workout — that is, holding specific stretches for each muscle group for 20-30 seconds to let your muscles regenerate. Static Stretching may be the more familiar type of stretching, but it has to be done with precaution. New studies have shown that doing static stretching before training or a competition may be detrimental to performance and can even result to injury. However, it is most beneficial when done after a strenuous activity. Hold static stretches for 20 to 30 seconds per body part for maximum results.

Stretching regularly improves flexibility and minimizes risk for injury.
Watch the video below for more information about Stretching:


  1. I used to skip stretching pre and post workouts until I learned the benefits. Not only is it relaxing and lowers my heart rate after a good run, but it has increased my flexibility and speed. Great post!


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