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Personal Training and Coaching is more than just counting reps and sets, and shouting motivational quotes to your clients or athletes for the duration of the workout session. To ensure a safe, efficient, and effective workout, the Personal Trainer and Coach must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of exercise science that can be applied and individualized for the benefit of the client. Trainers and even coaches need to be aware of fitness test standards and norms and be able to relate it to their clients or athletes so that they can set attainable goals and design well periodized training programs. They also need to be well-versed with various exercise and equipment to keep each training session not just effective but also creative and enjoyable. Any needed information is easily available today with the use of the internet but this does not ensure the accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness of the information that search engines may show you.

What is Lumon Fit?
Lumon Fit is an intelligent software application that provides fitness professionals not just the every day information that they need, but also the capability to analyze, assess, and apply the collaborated data for a more efficient and accurate training program. The first time I tried Lumon Fit for myself, I was greatly impressed by how easy it was for me to input data for fitness tests and compare it with fitness norms. Important pre-exercise screening forms were also available and can even be printed. I was able to browse a diverse inventory of exercises ranging from machines, to body weight exercises, to stretching and even foam rolling. The exercises can be explored by category and I was able to design a creative and fun workout in no time!

Lumon Fit ensures a creative exercise program with its diverse inventory of exercises.

Lumon Fit ensures a creative exercise program with its diverse inventory of exercises.

How does Lumon Fit work?
Lumon Fit takes a big step forward from conventional fitness apps that are available today. You can input your client’s data (or your own data, if you are using it for yourself) for your record and save it with other important details about your client. Pre-exercise screening forms like the Par-Q and medical clearance can be easily accessed and even signed by your client! You can then do physical fitness tests and compare it with standards and norms in an instant. As a Pilates instructor, I personally like the postural analysis part where you can take a photo of your client’s postural analysis in anterior, posterior, and lateral views so that your client can see it with your notes. This will help the client understand the postural analysis process and better understand what needs to be done. The postural analysis data can be saved for later comparison, which is good to know if your client is improving posture!

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No need to memorize or scramble to find those values anymore,

No need to memorize or scramble to find those values anymore,

Assessments and norms can be easily accessed.

Assessments and norms can be easily accessed.

After all the assessments are done, you can then use Lumon Fit to browse for relevant exercises for your clients. Lumon Fit offers a myriad of exercises of different categories. If ever you can’t find the exercise that you are looking for, there is an option where you can add your own exercise.

Can't find your exercise? Don't despair!

Can’t find your exercise? Don’t despair!

The exercises in the inventory are provided with details such as how the movement is done and what muscles are targeted. This helps personal trainers and coaches determine the relevance of an exercise to their training program for the day.


The only set back with this application for me is that, like any other software, you need a data plan or wifi access to be able to use the application. Some of my clients are runners and since my iPad does not have data service, I cannot use Lumon Fit for training outside.  An improvement for this app may be the option to at least save, open and review client’s data even without internet or data connection.

In any case, Lumon Fit is a very intelligent yet comprehensive application that provides almost everything that you need to know for your exercise program! This software makes it easier for trainers and coaches to design safe and effective training programs in a shorter period of time. Because the app is very easy to operate, serious exercisers can also benefit from this application and may even use it as a virtual trainer! This application has been helping me design effective training programs more efficiently, and even my clients are impressed at how it works!


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