More Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness.

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Sports and Fitness, Strengthening and Conditioning
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In a previous post a couple of days ago, I answered three frequently asked questions about Fitness.weightloss

Here are my answers to the next three questions:

4.) Should I get into shape before I start to lift weights?

People are sometimes afraid to go to the gym or start an exercise regimen because they feel that they might just injure themselves. This thinking is counter-intuitive – you should do resistance training or “Strength Training”  to prevent injuries and improve your capabilities even in daily activities. For overweight people, it’s even better to start lifting weights first before joining other cardio activities or running.

5.) If I want to lose weight, should my main focus be cardio-respiratory activities?

It’s an old belief that if you want to be big and bulky, you should do weight training but if you want to lose weight, you should do ‘cardio‘ based activities. It is true that the cardio-respiratory system (your heart and lungs) works more during cardio or aerobic exercises and burns more fat, but it is not true that you should restrict yourself to those type of exercises if your goal is to lose weight. New research proves that strength training adds to the efficiency of your body to burn calories. Also, exercises such as HIIT and Circuit Training boosts your body’s capacity to burn fuel.

Another important thing to note is that, whatever your goal may be, your training regimen should be composed of cardio, resistance, and flexibility exercises. Having a well-balanced exercise program ensures that you reap the full benefits of your workouts and minimizes risk for injuries.

6.) Should a woman’s exercise program differ from a man’s?

Physiologically and in terms of exercise performance, there are only a few differences from the man’s body to a woman. There are differences  like women having larger pelvis, hormones, and overall muscle mass, but with regards to muscular capacity and structural tolerance men and women are the same. Our muscles respond the same way. Our bones and ligaments adapt the same way. With proper training (and motivation), both men and women can do squats, push-up, pull-ups, or any other kind of exercise. Yes, even women can do the home workouts in the book on the left!

A better approach to this is to consider the Principles of Training, especially Individualization. Each person is different. We respond differently to exercise. We adapt to stress in our own ways and time. This is what a training program should be based on, and not on gender.

Check out this blog “ladies lifting weights: get strong not toned” for a good opinion (with tips) about women lifting weights.

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