Dance-Walk your Way to Fitness!

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Motivational and Life Coaching, Sports and Fitness

Are you looking for an alternative way to exercise?

It is an established fact that everyone today needs to pursue fitness and health through exercise. Because of the prevalent sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices, the Top 5 causes of Mortality in the world includes Cardiovascular and Respiratory diseases. In Canada, there was a report that ‘less than 1 in 10 Canadians have ideal heart health.’ Sadly, another report also says that Canadians have no time for healthy living. In spite of the many efforts of both public and private organizations to promote health and wellness, people seem to still be under motivated to exercise.

There are lots of alternative ways to exercise, but most of them are still limited to the confines of a gym or a building (zumba class, rock climbing, boot camp, etc), or requires a minimal equipment (like a jump rope or exercise band). Body weight exercises and Circuit Training programs have been available for people to be able to workout at home. However, these options seem to be not enough for people to participate in Fitness activities.

If you’re bored of going to the gym, tired of the Fitness fads, and is looking for a fun, enjoyable, and new alternative exercise, maybe this one is for you!

Ben Aaron, a producer and presenter for NBC who describes himself as a nervous neurotic gingerly un-athletic person met someone who not just made his day (and topic for his next project), but also inspired thousands as the video went viral, to join in the fun and pursue fitness in a new way.

Watch the video below:

Many people have followed the steps to this unknown man’s moves. After a few weeks, the stranger was finally named as Joe. He doesn’t have Facebook or any mainstream way of communicating with the world, so he was up for a surprise when he found out what just happened with his Dance-Walk.

Joe’s passion for dance and movement is just inspiring. It shows how we should not be limited and ‘boxed’ by certain unwritten rules. Dance-Walking is a fun way to be fit, and is sure to make others smile down the road as you bring those moves!


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