On Supplements: “Which Shake is the Best?”

Posted: January 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

One of my superstar client asked me during one of our sessions recently what my recommendations are for Protein shakes. I thought I’d share my suggestions for him here for general info. At the end, I added my favorite supplement of all time, which I have been taking for over two decades now!

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While Protein powders and other supplements help make big gains, they are what they are called – mere supplements, or just an addition to good nutrition and heavy training.
So keep in mind that nothing will replace eating a balanced diet every day, coupled with kick-ass, ninja training.
Most people who I have talked to asking about Protein shakes are concerned about gaining muscle mass to look jacked, build bigger guns, and gain overall size and strength.
Some who may have a different goal like wanting to lose a few pounds may also be interested in Protein shakes as a recovery drink, or sometimes as a healthy snack alternative after a workout.
In my decade in the Fitness Industry, I have never been a fan of promoting or recommending any type or brand of supplement. I myself use them very occasionally, much more in the recent years than earlier even when I was still competing in Powerlifting.
Supplements have their place. Studies have shown that specific types do boost athletic performance, and some improve overall muscle mass.
While this is true, the most important this is improving your daily nutrition and eating practices. No supplement can ever replace good, quality dietary practices!

Having that said, here are three (3) supplements that I myself have used (or currently use), and would suggest taking if someone asks me.
I included a link to Amazon.ca beside each item so that you can take a look at the photos there, instead of adding them here.

1. Muscletech Creatine. https://amzn.to/2S5I5v2
Creatine is a naturally occuring chemical in every individual muscle that provides energy. This is your muscles’ first line of defense in terms of energy production because it is fast acting and is readily available, compared to glycogen, carbs, or fats that has to be converted first.
But it is in short supply and can only maintain short bursts of effort (first 15 seconds!). Of course, after you use up creatine, your body gets energy from main sources, but adding creatine gives you an extra boost of energy.
Creatine can be found in most meats including fish and shellfish, but research have found benefits to consuming it in powdered form (supplements).
I like this brand specifically because it is tasteless, and what I do is I just dump a scoop of it to a glass of water that I drink when I get up every morning.

When you buy this brand, you’ll see an instruction on how to do the ‘loading phase’ to make sure that your body adapts to the extra supply.

Apart from providing you a boost of energy to lift heavier, creatine promotes water retention in the muscles which will give size fast.
Here’s the link:
2.   Six Star Protein. https://amzn.to/2Wl7m3m
This is my first choice for my Protein shake simply because of the price point! It’s a lot more affordable than other brands, while providing good quality protein and tasting a lot better. Most brands out there are full of ‘fillers’ and sugars.
I mix one scoop with half water and half milk in my shaker bottle.
I drink it throughout my workout.
3. Optimum Nutrition https://amzn.to/2TeyzTD
This is one of the top, reliable brands out there for supplements in general. But I like it specifically for the taste and texture, and overall quality. Compared to Six Star, this is pure Protein Powder, and it’s something you can drink twice in a workout day.
What’s my all-time favorite supplement?

This humble chemical found in almost every household may be the most widely used performance enhancer in the world. This stimulant given by Mother Nature herself has been proven to be very effective in improving both athletic and every day performance.

While it does not have a direct effect to getting jacked, losing weight, or improving your 1 rep max, caffeine slows down fatigue so you can get going longer.

So grab a cup before your next workout and let caffeine work its wonders.
What do you think?
Are you currently taking any supplements?

Comment below.

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