We all want to be better. We all want to improve.

It is amazing how our bodies are designed to adapt to the different challenges in our environment- physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. To be better, our body should encounter sufficient stimuli to catalyze adaptation. Without challenges, there will be no change. Our body will ‘adapt’ only to the stimulus that it faces. If we’re used to sitting in the couch, then our body will adapt to just sit in the couch. But if we are continuing to challenge our body to be stronger, wiser, and better, then it will adapt to be so.

The Principle of Progressive Overload states that to be able to achieve more strength, the body needs to be stressed systematically and in such a way that its natural adaptive response is triggered.  To be stronger, we need to push our bodies to train harder. To be wiser, we need to read and study more and be open to new knowledge. To be better, then we need to face the challenges head on and finish our race.

It is my passion to help people achieve their very best by applying these principles to their training.


running buddyAbout the Author:

Hi, I’m Billy – Personal Trainer, Coach, running buddy, and book nerd.

When I started in the Fitness Industry as a Pilates Instructor, I knew something was missing. Fitness should be for everybody and everyone deserves to live a healthy life. However, the Fitness Industry today tend to limit this opportunity to those who can pay gym memberships and trainers.

I am very passionate in what I do as a Fitness coach and Personal trainer, giving people the direction, support, and accountability they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

⇒Certified Personal Training Specialist, Canfitpro.

⇒Certified Stott Pilates Matwork Instructor, Pilates Foam Roller, Flex-Band, Weight Loss Boost-Interval Training Instructor.

⇒Running Conditioning Coach.

⇒Certified Trigger Point Technique and Myofascial Release Therapist.


Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching is the future of the Fitness Industry.

Each person has their specific needs and individual differences. But no matter how awesome a training program is or how great the personal trainer may be, it only works depending on the person’s motivation and consistency.

Online Fitness Coaching works by providing not only the direction, but also the support and accountability that a person needs to succeed in his or her own training.

This is not for everybody.

The Coaching Program, like any other best things in life, works only for the determined, motivated, and equally passionate individuals who are willing to learn and work hard. If this person is you, you may try to apply for this program here and I would be glad to talk with you.


Benefits of Online Coaching.

1. You don’t have to go into a gym: Gyms may be an uncomfortable environment for some people. In addition, the gym might not be located conveniently. With Online Coaching, you can follow the exercises in your home with just minimal equipment.

2. You don’t have to match your busy schedule with the Trainer’s equally busy schedule. As a Personal Trainer, I have had lots of experience dealing with frustrated clients because they cannot fit into my schedule, especially if they are trying to book for popular spots (before work in the morning, and after work hours). Through Online Coaching, you can work out whenever you want and still benefit from the same expert guidance.

3. It offers stronger accountability and support systems. Social media is the way to go in this generation. You will ‘meet‘ people training and struggling and killing their workouts in the online community. Talk about a supportive environment!

4. It is cheaper than having a one-on-one Personal Trainer. Training full-time with a Personal Trainer in a commercial gym is expensive.  In addition to having to pay for the trainers 1-on-1 time, you also have to cover the gym overhead cost. Through Online Coaching,you get the benefit of the trainer at a fraction of the price.

5. You can get the same expert guidance wherever you are. Whether you are in Toronto or in Manila, or in the mountains of the Himalayas (just kidding), you’ll get the same coach through the program. In commercial gyms, you only get to train with the available trainers. Online Coaching allows people to train with the top expert in the field they need support with.

Do you think Online Fitness Coaching is for you?
Send me an email to apply or comment below to see if it fits you.


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