OFC Program

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Hi, I’m Billy, Owner and Operator of “Fitness Coaching for Me” an Online-based Personal Training and Fitness Coaching system.

I have been a Personal Trainer at a big box gym for a good number of  years and have worked with various clientele. I focus on helping people who may have chronic muscle or joint pain, or people recovering from an injury, to be able to exercise as pain-free and injury-free as possible and pursue whatever fitness goal they have.
I started focusing on these people as I grew as a professional and realized that not everyone who goes to the gym wants to be a bodybuilder…

…some may just want to lose at least 10 lbs. of fat to get ready for a vacation or a wedding.
…some just want to get stronger and regain their stamina to play with their growing kids or grand kids.
…some would wish to look better without their clothes on and feel more confident about themselves.

People who have invested their time and effort to
consistent serious training has been rewarded with results! 


Edwin B. and his GAINS!

“Billy is the BEST! He’s a Trainer who knows how push you to your limits for you to reach your goal, without getting injured. Even at 50 years old,  I definitely got stronger and improved my stamina. I looked good and felt good about myself! I would highly recommend that you work with Billy to achieve not only your objectives but goals that you did not think possible.”

I’ve had many success with my clients over the years, and I want to share it with YOU!
I developed an Online Fitness Coaching (OFC) Program through my online-based training company, Fitness Coaching for Me, where I am able to train my clients remotely, monitor their progress, and motivate them along the way.

Get the same gains in the gym through the OFC.
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You can train anywhere you want and get the same expert advice.
You don’t have to worry about matching your schedule with a Trainer.
You will get the most bang for your buck!


Timea is looking and feeling more proud and confident!

“I have improved my posture through Billy’s training program and I love how I now look more toned! I wanted to lose a little bit of fat in my tummy and be a stronger woman, and I achieved it with Billy’s help.”

You may be coming to the gym for some time now but are not seeing the results you’ve always wanted…
Or you are just on your way to sign up for a gym membership to get stronger, fitter, maybe lose a few pounds, look good, and feel better about yourself.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time and effort in your workouts. With the right direction, proper advise, and individualized training program, YOU WILL GET THE RESULT that you have always wanted.

Get DIRECTION in your Fitness Journey
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Here is what you’ll get from the OFC Program:
> The OFC Handbook.
> A custom-tailored training program for your goals and needs.
> Weight training and cardio workouts complete with videos and instructions sent to you weekly.
> In-gym and at-home or away workout options.
> Nutritional coaching to get you closer to your desired goal.
> 24/7 email support and accountability.

It’s easy to get started!
I prepared a short application form so that we can get to know each other. Once you fill up the form, I’ll get back to you and we’ll set up a consultation (either through email or skype) to see if we’re a match. If we are, you’ll get your OFC Handbook by the following weekend, and your FIRST workout week so you can start crushing your goals!

There’s only one way to find out if Online Fitness Coaching will work for you…
Go give it a shot! Click here to apply.