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This is an update to a previous blog about the Canfitpro – Personal Training Specialist Exam. =====o===== Almost a month has passed since I posted a blog about reviewing for the Canfitpro-Personal Training Specialist exam. I finished a 5-year bachelor’s degree in Sports Science in the Philippines, but since moving to Canada I have to […]

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Circuit Training might be the exercise of choice for busy people who also want to train both their aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Circuit Training is also a good way to boost your metabolism which simply leads to more calories burnt compared to the usual resistance training. To […]

Personal Training and Coaching is more than just counting reps and sets, and shouting motivational quotes to your clients or athletes for the duration of the workout session. To ensure a safe, efficient, and effective workout, the Personal Trainer and Coach must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of exercise science that can be applied and […]

  Plyometrics, or ‘jump training’ is a technique that aims to increase muscular strength and power. The focus of the exercises is powerful movements. It was originally designed for Olympic athletes but recently, it has become a popular workout routine for recreational athletes and even fitness enthusiasts of all ages.   Plyometricstraining is composed of […]

  Jumping is one of the most essential skill in most sports like Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton. A well balanced training regimen is important to give focus to this skill. Here are some exercises that could help you jump like JordanĀ  1. Box jumps – use a stable box or step for this exercise. You […]

Being fit is not only about being able to meet the demands of your daily activities (work, school, etc) well, but about having that extra energy for other recreational pursuits, unplanned activities, and/or emergencies without getting too tired. These two definitions that I found are what I think the most accurate and complete. The first […]

Plyometrics is a type of training that was first introduced to elite Olympic athletes (first to the Soviets during the Cold War, by Dr.Yuri Verkhoshansky, 1964) but we now know that amateur athletes, adolescents, and even children can benefit from a properly designed and supervised Plyometrics program. Plyometrics is also known as “jump training” and […]

It may be an unfamiliar and unheard-of-term, but common injuries like Patella-femoral Pain syndrome, Illiotibial Band syndrome, Low back pains, and Piriformis syndromes may all be caused by this less known condition: Gluteal Amnesia. This occurs when your body ‘forgets’ how to properly engage the Gluteal muscles – the biggest and strongest muscle group of […]

Running is generally a uniplanar activity since the movement occurs mostly in the sagittal plane (moving forward and hopefully not or backward). The muscles that support movement in the transverse and frontal planes are left untrained. Runners should choose a cross-training activity that lets the overworked muscles rest and heal while properly working all the […]

Running 101.1

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Running
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My sister have just started running jogging with her friend a couple of months ago, and last week, she asked me to “coach” them on how to run properly. They always go for a jog on Saturday mornings since she goes to work very early. I usually run in the afternoon, before I teach my […]