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Spring weather is finally here! I ran yesterday for 30 minutes in spite of -1C temperature with wind gusts of 44 km/hr and humidity of 67%. It’s not as warm as the weather in the Philippines, but it’s still way hotter than the past months!!! If you wait for the weather to ‘stay positive’ you might not be able to run outside!

Just run!

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Hello there Mr.Sun!

Hello there Mr.Sun!

It’s another nice and warm day to run today!

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of Spring which was greeted by a gloomy sunrise, a snowy afternoon, and ended with a freezing night. As one article noted, Spring has already “sprung” in Canada, but it will get warmer only after a few more weeks.

These photos of Frozen Lakes prove how cold this Winter had been!

Today was relatively warmer with a low of -6 degrees Celsius and a high of -10. I looked outside my window and saw the sun shining brightly over the Canadian Flag of the school in front of our house. I started to gear up for my run and smiled while thinking about how I’m putting less layers of clothes compared to the first time I tried running. This is only my third time running in Toronto (second time here) and I’m not targeting to train or even reach my PR, I just wanted to go out and run!

minus 6 with 30 km/hr winds, but still SUNNY!

minus 6 with 30 km/hr winds, but still SUNNY!

So off I went. I figured how my tropical body is still adjusting and acclimatizing to the elevation, temperature, and freezing wind chills, but in the end it was still a lot better than my previous two runs. I was able to run almost continuously for 40 minutes, taking a few walks only to keep away from stubborn icy pavements. All in all, I was able to keep a pace of at least 8 minutes per km which is close enough for a 40 minute 5k run.

spring run

Signs of Spring?

Signs of Spring?

I’ve been hibernating like a bear for the past months and unfortunately the effects of Reversibility is starting to show.

I hope to get back to my previous level sooner and as the weather gets warmer.

How do you cope with this long winter?

How do you re-training after a break?
Let me know in the comments!


So today is supposed to be the first day of Spring. Everyone says that it’s the time of the year when the temperature doesn’t go below +6 degrees Celsius. But it seems like winter is here to stay! The past few days have been gloomy and yesterday we had freezing rain (with reported small ice pellets) in minus 4 weather. The even predicts a “Spring Snowstorm” coming this weekend!
The tall snow banks and icy roads have been melting, but I’m not putting my hopes up. It seems like winter is here to stay — or we’ll just have a freezing cold Spring.

Keep warm and HIIT it!